White Christmas


One of my favorite Christmas movies is WHITE CHRISTMAS. I love the part at the end when the snow finally starts falling outside and they are all singing the title song. I grew up in southern California so seeing snow falling and a horse drawn sleigh really spelled Christmas for me. Especially when it was seventy degrees outside and the neighbors put twinkle lights in a palm tree.

Now I live about a hundred miles from the Canadian border and I’m eagerly awaiting the snow. However, the temperature is in the forties and its pouring rain. Where is the snow?

I’ve been watching the Christmas romance movies on the Hallmark channel and I’m so envious of all the pictures of snow. I want to be able to go outside and make a snow man instead of trying to walk around the mud puddles.

I’m eagerly following the weather reports. Someday I’ll see the magic word but in the mean time I’ll make some hot cocoa and turn on another Christmas movie.

Does it snow where you live?

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