What I Like Best About Halloween

DSC_0256The frost is on the pumpkin
There are goblins in the trees
The moon is full and frightening
And there’s magic in the breeze

I love the feeling in the air as we approach All Hallows Eve. Legends say that the border between our world and other side is thinner at this time, making it possible for spirits to crossover to this side. I believe that is true. I can feel it when I walk around my yard at night.

I live in the forest and everything feels alive and watchful. The moon is nearly full and the silence is periodically broken by a lonely howl. An owl blinks in a pine tree and smaller creatures scurry through the underbrush. Shadows soundlessly move among the trees and a shiver runs down my spine. I know without a doubt that I am not alone.

DSC_0242The spirit of Halloween is one of the inspirations for my upcoming paranormal series. In fact, the first book begins at a party on Halloween night. I will be talking more about the series when I have a release date.

In the meantime, do you decorate for Halloween? My house is too far off the beaten path that we don’t get any Trick or Treaters, but that doesn’t deter us from decorating anyway. Every year at this time my front yard morphs into a cemetery complete with tombstones, skeletons, and ghouls. Strobe lights and a fog machine round out the special effects. My husband takes pride in adjusting the scene a bit each year and we get a lot of complements from the neighbors.

I think what I like best about Halloween is that I get to be a kid again for one night, dress up and listen to ghost stories. And of course, eat some very special treats that are otherwise not on my weight watchers diet.

What do you like best about Halloween?

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