The Romantic Time Booklovers Convention


This is my first trip to Las Vegas and I was quite surprised. Las Vegas would not exist were it not for gambling.

As the plane landed you can see the surrounding landscape, a whole lot of nothing, and then suddenly civilization appeared. It was like someone had drawn line; on one side desert and the other side a town. The city is a very busy area with amazing hotels. It runs day and night, no one appears to sleep.

The convention is being held at the Rio hotel. The building is huge. I was amazed at the size of my room. I’ve lived in an apartment smaller than this. Down stairs is the casino with slot machines and the usual gambling games. There are several restaurants tucked along the sides of the main floor. The actual convention site is quite a hike away. From my room I have to navigate through the casino to find the hallway leading to the convention area. There are more restaurants and the Penn & Teller Theater along the way. The hall takes a winding turn and you find more halls with side lanes. At this point all the hallways have street names which makes it easier to locate the event rooms.

This convention is definitely larger than last year. They did the badges differently this time. Readers have red badge holders and authors have black ones. There is a sea of red badges.

If you love reading romance books, I highly recommend attending a Romantic Times convention. You meet a lot of great people and learn about amazing books.

Have you ever been to a book convention?

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Augustina Van Hoven

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