The Dangers of an Unsupervised Husband

Martin Luther King Day was on Monday. Many people have the day off from work. Unfortunately, I am not one of them so I left the house at 6:00 am. Hubby on the other hand, did have the day off. In summer months he can go out to the barn and fire up the forge. His hobby is knife making. However, it’s the dead of winter with four feet of snow on the ground. The barn isn’t heated so he stayed in the house.

My day was quite hectic, with software problems and year end accounting. When I pulled into the garage, all I wanted to do was have some dinner, make my daily word count and go to sleep. Imagine my surprise when I walked through the door and found half the living room and the kitchen torn apart. Pots and dishes stacked on the dining table. Cook books piled on the sofa and other odds and ends scattered everywhere. Apparently, he decided to get a small bookcase for my large collection of cookbooks. He started with that and half way through began rearranging the hutch in the kitchen, then the one in the dining room. None of the project were completed and, well, my plans went out the window. We spent the rest of the evening putting things back where they belong or finding new places. On the bright side, I do have a new bookcase and a lot more shelf space.

I’ve decided the next time he’s left home alone, I will give him a honey do list of useful projects to try to keep him out of trouble. I’m not sure it will work, but hope springs eternal.

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Augustina Van Hoven

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