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The most frequently asked question by people who are not writers is where do you get your story ideas? The last time I was asked that question I told the lady, everywhere. It wasn’t meant as a flippant answer, it actually is the truth. Ideas really do come from everywhere.

Just as ideas can come from anywhere they can also strike at any time. I always make sure I have a notebook or my digital recorder with me. I have placed a special notebook on my night stand that lights up when I pull out the pen. This way I can write down any dreams or ideas without waking up my husband or the dogs. I even have a water proof notebook and special pencil in the shower to jot down ideas that occur there. Oddly enough, I have found the shower to be one of the best places to think and come up with plot ideas. I’m not sure whether it’s the hot water and steam clearing my head or the pounding of the shower massage that rattles ideas loose, but I’ve written and dictated whole chapters in the shower.

My favorite inspiration is music. Many times I have heard or misheard the lyrics to a song and thought “what a great story idea”. Newspaper articles are good places to find unique inspiration. There are many articles written about new scientific discoveries or odd stories that can be a good basic concept. Once you have your concept the next step is to keep asking ‘what if’ until the idea grows into a story.

Ideas come from everywhere and you need to be ready to record them when they do.

What stimulates your mind and gives you writing ideas?

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