Spirits of the Dead

Ghosts passing on the main street of an old cemetery on a foggy full moon night - added some digital grain

Have you ever thought you were by yourself only to catch a movement in the corner of your eye? Have you ever walked into a room and known you were not alone?

Every language spoken on earth has a word for ghost. Stories of spirits from dead loved ones returning to haunt or give warning to the living can be found in every culture. It is part of the human psyche to both fear and be fascinated by thoughts of the afterlife and those who have gone there before us. Opinion polls show approximately one third of the population believes in the existence of ghosts.

Certain areas seem to attract spirits such as graveyards and old buildings. Some have been spotted in places like old battlefields. Sightings have been reported ranging from the mere sense of a presence to seeing apparitions of people or animals, sitting, standing or walking about. There are often reports of a mist surrounding these figures and a notable drop in temperature when they are present.

There are many people who actually hunt for ghosts. They call themselves paranormal investigators. These ghost hunters often use electronic equipment to help them find and record spirits. The equipment can range from audio or video recorders to digital thermometers, night vision scopes and EMF meters. The SyFy channel has had a television show for many years called ‘Ghost Hunters’ that follows a team of paranormal investigators to various sights in hopes of finding ghosts.

At its heart, my Rose series are ghost stories. The second book, THE THORN OF A ROSE will be released on June 24th.

Belief in ghosts is a very personal and emotional matter. How among us hasn’t lost a loved one for whom we would give almost anything to see and speak to just one more time.

I believe there are spirits who walk the earth among the living. I have had the experience of being alone in a room and feeling a hand brush my arm. So I ask you, have you ever seen a ghost?

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Augustina Van Hoven

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