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Like many people, I have a lot of things that require my time and attention. I have a day job, a family, a large garden, pets and a writing career. The only way I can keep track of everything that I have to do and make sure my life doesn’t completely come off the rails, is to have a list of things I need to do each day.

I love Excel. Its versatility allows me to create lists with lines and sections so I can break task down into smaller components and use the sort function of the program to adjust the order in which things are done.

I have several lists that I use on a daily basis. First is my writers list. It is divided into the following sections, writing, editing, story bible, promotion, and learning. I split up the projects I have in each heading and divide the work up so that it is completed by my deadline. This helps me keep track of what I need to do for the day in each category.

I have lists to keep track of my household tasks, I even have grocery lists with the common items my family uses which are organized by the location of the items in the store. I have a different list depending on what store I am going to. I know it’s a bit over the top, but these lists have helped me remember to buy somethings that would otherwise have been forgotten.

It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be able to cross an item off of my list. It also contributes to the illusion that I have things under control.

Are you a list maker? What sorts of lists do you have?

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