Late Appointments


I don’t know about you but I’m getting rather frustrated with late appointments. Like everybody else, I have a very busy schedule. When I have to go to the doctor, the dentist, my hairdresser, or take my dog to the vet, they always seem to be running late.

I leave work early when I have to go to an appointment. I make sure there is plenty of time to get to where ever I need to go, taking into account weather and traffic. It never seems to matter. What is a ten o’clock appointment for me turns into ten-twenty or ten-thirty by the time I finally get to see whoever I came to see. Now I understand that things happen like emergencies or equipment breaking but this is the electronic age. How hard would it be for them to send me a text or an email saying they are running fifteen minutes behind schedule and I should plan accordingly? For that matter, give me a phone call and tell me. I know this is a bit whiney but I’m getting tired of the feeling that I have nothing better to do than sit in a waiting room because, after all, my time has no value. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking my laptop or IPad everywhere I go. This way I can at least work on some of my projects instead of having to thumb through a six month old copy of People magazine, but it still irks me.

Pardon my rant. I ended up with a forty-five minute late appointment today and just had to comment on it.

What do you do about late appointments?

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Augustina Van Hoven

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