Hot Cocoa

I love hot cocoa. I prefer it to coffee. Back in the days before premade packets that just required hot water, I learned to make it using plain cocoa powder.

When I was in junior high school, girls were all required to take home economics (that really dates me doesn’t it). One time in class we were given the assignment to make hot cocoa using only cocoa powder, sugar and milk. For me that was an easy “A”, I’d been making in since I was tall enough reach the stove. This time, however, the teacher put us into teams and told us, only the team that made the best hot cocoa would receive and “A” for the assignment. Unfortunately, I ended up on the team that consisted mostly of the cheerleading squad. None of these girls wanted to listen to a nerd like me explain how to do the assignment properly. They wanted to boil the milk and just throw in the ingredients. After much arguing and the fact that we were running out of time, they gave in, assuring me that my life would be a living hell if we didn’t get an “A”. Hot cocoa isn’t just a drink to me, I’m Dutch, and chocolate is a matter of national pride. At the end of the class, the teacher declared our hot cocoa the best she had ever tasted and home economics became a much more fun class after that.

Here is my recipe.


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