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I have to admit, I’m addicted to television. It’s almost always on in my office. Most of the time the sound is down if not off, but TV is still on, merrily playing in the background. It doesn’t matter if I have seen the show multiple times; its company and I like to have it on.

I have a lot of writing and editing to do at the moment, but I still make sure I have time to watch my favorite shows. I need a little bit of down time to rest and recharge my batteries. I try to limit my actual watching time to one hour per day. I record shows on my DVR and watch them after I have finished my word count for the day as a reward.

One of my favorite shows started back up last Sunday, THE WALKING DEAD. I am a huge fan. I have seen every episode since the beginning and I enjoy watching the recap show, TALKING DEAD, after I have watched the latest episode. The midseason return of the show was fantastic. It started out with a bang and kept on going. There are a couple of show fans at my day job and we had a great time discussing in detail the latest episode.

My absolute favorite show will be back on April 9th, OUTLANDER. I have read all of the books including the novellas and the ‘Lord John Series’. I have gotten several of my co-workers addicted to the show and three of them are now reading the books. Everyone is looking forward to season two.

Other shows I like to watch, SUPERNATURAL, GRIMM, GAME OF THRONES, and BLACK SAILS. Television is my guilty pleasure and as long as they produce paranormal shows, I’ll be there watching.

What shows do you like to watch?

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