Do Your Technical Toys Ever Drive You Nuts?

Home office desk with computer monitor. On the desk are a keyboard, mobile phone, coffee, lamp, digital tablet note book and lamp. There is a regular telephone and a clock on the wall. The computer screen is blank and the desk is made of wood. There are also post it notes on the table. Copy space.

There are days when I am certain that my electronic devices hate me. They get together at night while I’m asleep and figure out ways they can malfunction right when I need them the most. Yesterday my main computer decided to stop functioning. I am under a deadline and need to meet my daily word count. I also have edits that have to be finished and turned in.

I tried everything I knew to fix the problem including burning incense and chanting over the key board. Nothing worked. At the end of my rope I finally called technical support. It took them two hours of casting their own spells and enchantments before the problem was resolved.

This is the point where I am sure that my devices are plotting together. I took my new laptop to work so I could do a video conference call with some fellow writers during my lunch hour. I tried several times to connect to the conference call only to have the laptop freeze up. Apparently my browser and the application we were using for communication don’t like to play with each other. I did finally manage to connect but there wasn’t a lot of time left to complete our business.

Not to be out done, my cell phone decided to stop shuffling through its music library. I have a new stereo in my car that allows me to plug in my phone or tablet and play music and audiobooks. For some reason the application I use would only play the first few songs on my list then start over. This one had me completely stumped. One of the technical support guys at my day job to helped me figure it out. We ended up downloading a completely new application to do an end run around the problem.

I love technology and the great things all the new devices can do, but when they screw up…well there are times when I miss the simplicity of pen, paper, a rotary phone and a record player.

Do your technical toys ever drive you nuts?

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