December 29. 2014

winter 2014Winter Has Arrived

Finally, a decent snow fall in my area.  We missed having a White Christmas but we will definitely have a White New Year.

Our snow is very late this year and the local ski resorts are hurting.  On Saturday their prayers were answered with six inches in the flat lands and a lot more in the mountains.

My husband had to snow blow the drive way for the first time this season.  We have a large driveway and it takes him an hour with the large snow blower we have attached to the tractor.

With the first major snow storm also came the first major power outage.  It lasted for four and a half hours.  I am surrounded by forest and as the tree branches weigh down with wet snow they crack and break.  There is always one that drops on a power line and that’s all she wrote.  Fortunately, we have a gas powered generator so we can keep the lights, freezers and heater blowers running.

I do love the snow even though I don’t like skiing on the highways in my car.  It really is very beautiful.

Does it snow where you live?

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Augustina Van Hoven

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