I like to collect things. I know I’m not alone in this. Many people collect all sorts of odd items. I started with spoons. You know those small tea spoons you can get at any tourist trap. I must have over a hundred of them. Some are from states, some are from cities or specific tourist spots, I even have a few from different countries. Some of them are on display in my house but most are sitting in boxes.

The next thing I collect is Star Trek and Star Wars plates. I know it’s an embarrassing confession but I like them. In my old house, they lined the walls in several rooms. Now they are all stored in boxes in the barn. My husband had an idea of using them to line the stairwell in the new house. That will be quite a project so I’m not expecting him to get to it anytime soon.

The next thing I collect is Gibson Girl dolls. I love the Gibson Girl hair style. My hair is long enough that I’ve been able to wear it for formal occasions. I have two dozen dolls, each one in a special period costume. They sit on shelves in my craft room.

Of course, my largest collection of items is books. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. There are book shelves in almost every room of my house. We have fiction books and non-fiction books, reference books, cookbooks, how-to books, books of every size and shape. Some books I have multiple copies of such as my favorite books, The Lord of the Rings. I have a set of almost every cover they ever printed, including the illegal printing by Ace Books. Now you know, when I say collect, I really mean collect.

I collect a lot of other things but the blog will be too long if I list them all. Believe it or not my house does not look like an episode of hoarders. That can’t be said for all the outbuildings on the property though. I suppose I’ll keep collecting things as long as I have some place to put them. I guess sorting out the mess after I’m gone will be my way of getting even with my children for all the bad things they did when they were growing up.

What do you collect?

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