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Christmas fireplace

Every year I plan to get my Christmas cards out early and every year I fail. It’s not that I don’t try, I do really. It’s just that all my good intentions seem to fall through the cracks.

I buy the cards in plenty of time. I usually have them by the end of October. I’m very particular about the type of card I send. I love winter forest scenes. I search through card catalogs and various retailers to find just the right winter scene with lots of snow and evergreens. Occasionally there are animals or buildings in the distance and all the cards have lots of glitter. I even get the Christmas themed stamps from the post office some time in November. The addresses of all the people I send cards to are on my computer in Excel spreadsheets. I maintain the lists throughout the year and I have the people divided up in groups between business acquaintances, friends and family. It only takes a minute to do a mail merge in Word and print them out in label format. So what is it that makes me put off until the last minute (and beyond) sending out my Christmas cards? I don’t know what to write on them. There, I said it, my horrible confession. I’m an author and I don’t know what to write.

If I could write a scene involving some of the characters from my books, no sweat, I’d have a page or two written in minutes, but to give the traditional Christmas “year in review” leaves me with total writers block.

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